Sunday, January 1, 2017

Snow this morning - just a light dusting over everything, enough to soothe the eye.

I went out for a (very brief) walk and found that the snow sounded slightly crunchy underfoot, but it was firm enough that my footprints did not show on the sidewalk. It won't last long. I thought it might stay below freezing all day, but the snow is already melting away from the trunks of the smoke bush outside the living room window.

Still, it's Sunday and it's hardly what anyone would call warm out and having made my morning foray to Rosellini's for hot chocolate and a slice of quiche, I am planning an indoor day. I am finally learning to make socks, and I have a long backlog of podcasts to watch and listen to, and no obligations to anyone that need to be addressed before I go back to work on Tuesday. Not a bad way to start the year, I think.

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